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Jqdj-2600 fully automatic nailing and

Jqdj-2600 fully automatic nailing and

I. main components: serial number name brand note 01 Head servo motor Japans mitsubishi 1台 02 Paper...

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Bzdj-2400 fully automatic nail-sticki

Bzdj-2400 fully automatic nail-sticki

功能与特点: 前缘部分:采用全自动粘箱机皮带前缘,真空吸附;电磁离合器...

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GQD(Z) j-2600/3000 high-speed automat

GQD(Z) j-2600/3000 high-speed automat

Functions and features: 1, the whole computer control automatic adjustment, easy operation, simple; C...

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SQDJ-2500 two - piece high speed auto

SQDJ-2500 two - piece high speed auto

I. functions and features 1. Yaskawa servo drive with accurate accuracy and reduced mechanical transm...

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Confused answer Confused answer
Is the semi-automatic packing machine safe?
The normal operation process is safe and only the trained personnel can operate the machine.
Which production of semi-automatic nail box machine more reliable?
General brand scale is relatively large, high praise rate of goods, practical degree is relatively strong, the possibility of later failure will be relatively low.
Semi-automatic nail box machine needs more manpower?
Semi-automatic nail box machine, in fact, the use of the people are very few, and automatic is not much different.
How to raise the production efficiency of nail box and stick box synchronously?
Nailing equipment has changed the carton, color box and other products nailing by manual nailing work mode so that can greatly improve the nailing and post-press processing efficiency
USES and features of automatic gluing box machine Do you know that the pollution of the gas there are these ?

Fully automatic sticky box machine not only produces high power, but also nails box nails beautiful。The paper feeding device folds the cardboard and sends it to the stitching department for stitching

Automation of paper delivery

The structure of the two-piece nail box machine is also complex, and the ability to nail a single carton and two-page molding carton.

Double plate nailing machine

Fully automatic box nailing machine

Use method of touch screen, automatic and fast parameter conversion

Capabilities and features

Imported dual servo drive, accurate precision, mechanical transmission appropriate reduction, can effectively reduce the failure rate of machinery.

The same principle for decades The process and technology

Cooperation process The process and technology

On-site review


Plan to customize


Governance practices


Equipment inspection




Decomposition of aging


Customer acceptance


quality of tracking

Technology first, honesty first

equipment running resistance is low, can grasp the equipment running state through the instrument in time

High efficiency

Automatic gluing machine also see our manual Keep the cardboard folded and fed in


Safety and protection


The consumables in the equipment can be reused, and the appearance of the equipment can be designed according to the site requirements


Specific requirements and nail box material, etc To nail box machine for special customization


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